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How do others manage maintenance of production releases?

Question asked by ashley.betts334011 on Jun 14, 2018

Hi All,

        We're bumping up against a bit of problem in regards to maintaining a production release whilst developing new features on a development line. I'm comfortable with the process in version controlled source environment but grappling with the best way to achieve the same results in Boomi. The problem is a general question but I will use a specific example to explain.


We have refactored and added new features to a set of Form and CRM related components that are currently also running in production at the moment. These changes are significant and need considerable testing prior to going to production. There is a risk that we may need to apply a hotfix to production before releasing these new features.


If we take the approach of just modifying the existing components in the build tree for the new features we have an issue if a production defect comes along as all components have progressed along considerably and ready for production release. I realise we could find the version in the version history that is in production and save it over the current HEAD of the new development work, fix, release, pull previous development head back to the top and apply fix that was applied to production. This gets a bit tricky if a few components are involved.


Another option I've thought about is taking a snapshot copy into a new folder of all components being considered as candidates for a production release. This allows us to continue development work in the main area and also lets us apply a hotfix in the snapshot area should we get an issue in production. We would obviously have to propagate any fixes in the candidate/production snapshot back into the main/development folders or they will get lost.


One other thing I would like to do is ensure we don't loose our version history in the main build area. Not too fussed about any copies we maintain for candidate/production releases (if the copy is the best option).


How are others managing this type of problem?