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AWS Classic Load Balance for Molecule ?

Question asked by abdur.hameedshaikh202829 on Jun 13, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 25, 2018 by abdur.hameedshaikh202829

I have recently installed molecule with 3 nodes on 2 EC2 Instances. Everything looks good, I can see in atom management all 3 node and scheduled process are properly executing between node. As next step, I am trying to configure Load Balance for incoming HTTP/HTTPS traffic to be distributed between nodes.


As per Shared Webserver Panel of molecule in atom management, I see default URL configured with my first EC2 instance where I installed my first node in molecule. I have configured port 80 as below. See attached image.


I configured my load balancer to ping following URL for health check.


As well as, I created test process as listener and deployed to molecule successfully. But my Load Balancer is showing all instances as out of service as no service found running on port 80.


I did restart couple of time all node after port 80 is configured. Still I do not see any service listening port 80 on any of node. I have installed EC2 instance on Linux.


Also, attached list of Listener process from Linux machine.


Please help me.