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Execution Record Object is not being recorded

Question asked by marittya.keu006636 on Jun 13, 2018

I've been doing some testing and kicking off the process. I check the Process Reporting and it's there.....but when I query the execution record with



"QueryFilter": {
"expression": {
"operator": "and",
"nestedExpression": [{
"argument": ["MYPROCESSID"],
"operator": "EQUALS",
"property": "processId"
"argument": ["CURRENT TIME"],
"operator": "LESS_THAN",
"property": "executionTime"


Normally, I get data back. However, I recently surpassed the limit of 100 records but my recent process executions has not been showing up when querying the Execution Record. My question is, does querying the Execution Record Object returns the 100 most recent executions even with the LESS_THAN operator??? If not how do I achieve this?