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Process Route Ignores Return Documents

Question asked by on Jun 18, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 22, 2018 by trey.yeager826393

It seems whenever I make a change to the return shapes of a routed process, during runtime the returned documents are ignored.  A warning is given in the process log, but no error is thrown.  This is creating a headache, as I'm making changes to processes, I have no idea if deploying to an environment is going to break all the process routes which point to it.  Nor will any errors be thrown - just warnings in a process log.  


Is there any kind of best practice way to address this?  Component Explorer does not work when I select "Show Where Used" on a process route.  So if I change my favorite "DEBUG_DOCUMENT" process which is called via route, well over 100 times, I have to manually skim through each process and find each process route shape, open it, jiggle the handle, and save the process.


Why am I using process route so much?  Because I want subprocess definition to vary independently of parent process, for things like exception handling.  I should be able to deploy "Handle Exception" without trying to redeploy processes which are under new development.  


It's a nightmare.  At least if I could see where a process route is used, I could go off that.  But I'm flying completely blind here, and on something as global as an exception handler, I've now got an even worse situation on my hands than before.