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Reading Cache in Route Shape is not working

Question asked by aishwarya.jayapal756738 on Jun 19, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 26, 2018 by aishwarya.jayapal756738

Hi All,


I have created an atom queue which receives different type of messages (eg - item.xml,itemsupplier.xml and itemdimension.xml) and each message contain a common tag call "message_type = item/itemsupp/itemdim)" which is used for identification. After which I created a process which listens to this atom queue. Based on the message type, I need to route to different mappings (one for item another for item supp etc..). In this I have a scenario, whenever itemsupp and itemdimension message is generated(two xml files will be there) it has to be processed together for mapping to the target. For this scenario I have added a document cache for itemdimension and used that cache in itemsupplier mapping. But this is not reading the file from the cache (for ItemDim) .It is processing only the item supplier message.



Since there is two files in the queue it is creating two parallel executions. will it be a problem?