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Performance Issue in Boomi with daily update of Employee data in SuccessFactors

Question asked by kavita.bora767924 on Jun 18, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 18, 2018 by bharathkumarvundela

Hi Experts,

Our Scenario is to fetch the employee master data from Success Factors and send it to SAP R/3 system using Dell Boomi standard content.


In SF we have few fields such as Age, Service that are being calculated and updated daily. As these fields gets daily update in SF, the Boomi Delta replication process picks all Employee records and replicate these to ECC even though these fields (Age,Service) are not being sent to ECC.This is causing performance issue for Employee and Employee Org Assignment processes due to daily replication of all Employee records.


Is there a way if Boomi can check on any changes in the Integrated fields and ignore any changes made to the non- integrated fields.


Any pointers will be helpful.