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SAP Idoc Text Mapping

Question asked by nnigam517141 on Jun 19, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 20, 2018 by andrew_mishalove

Hi Gurus,

I am new to the Dell Boomi world.

I am creating the Sales Order in SAP via Idoc. My source is a flat file which has a field  for 'comments' (1000 character long) which I need to map to E1EDPT1/E1EDPT2 segment of Idoc, with repetitive  E1EDPT2 under E1EDPT1,  each having TDLINE of 70 characters.


The length of the comments in the source file is not fixed and can vary. How should I call/map the E1EDPT2 segments multiple time from the scripting function depending on the source 'comments' field?