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How to perform upsert operation for creating sales order in NetSuite with default line item ?

Question asked by ameka944022 on Jun 19, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 8, 2018 by david.byrd895687

Hi, I'm trying to integrate database and NetSuite. I created upsert operation in Boomi to create/update sales order in NetSuite. I have set a default line item on the NetSuite profile as it is not able to create sales order in NetSuite without line items (I will not get line items data from database). I'm able to create sales order successfully. But when I add two line items in NetSuite and try to update the same record from the database, mismatch line item error is shown.


So, I changed my logic. The first map maps the database and Netsuite elements without any line items. The decision shape will logic is such that it checks for internal id. If internal id is present, the condition becomes true and performs the update operation. If the condition is false, the second map shape will map the Netsuite XML profile to NetSuite XML profile setting item default value from destination profile in map and create sales order with default line item. But, this doesn't seems to be working. 

Could someone help me?