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HTTP Client SSL authentication

Question asked by britto.parthalomew on Jun 20, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 12, 2018 by brianbrinley

Hi folks,


I have a requirement where I have to post some data to an API. The client wanted us to send through HTTPS. I decided to use HTTP client connector. One of my team members was able to post the data to the api through Postman without any authentication with the content-type application/xml. When I tried through boomi the request is not going through. It keeps throwing error saying 


My question here is

1. Is it necessary to have a certificate to make a successful connection when using https. (If I use http this error does not occur).

2. How does this SSL authentication certificate work?

3. Who should provide the certificate? I asked this because I got a certificate from the site's page but it failed again with unable to generate private key.

4. Can't we post data without any of these information same like a postman request?


Thanks in advance. Appreciate your help!