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Generate an output for each Column Value

Question asked by SaiKumarGoud Mallari on Jun 22, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 24, 2018 by SaiKumarGoud Mallari

My CSV file looks this way
ID     COL1     COL2     COL3

1       a               b           c

2       d               e           f


and i want my output results as 


1     a

2     d

1     b

2     e

1     c

2     f 

There is one way i could do this -Use 3 maps (Map1 has ID,COL1 mapped & Map2 has ID,COL2 mapped & Map3 has ID,COL3 mapped) and combine results from three Maps and use it further.
But is there any better way to achieve this ?

Leif Jacobsen