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Source element multiple values

Question asked by PrezKumar1891 on Jun 26, 2018
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Hello Experts,


I have a scenario where there are 3 XML elements that gives multiple outputs based on many fields. I am using a custom script function to write to different fields based on a particular value. But since there are multiple outputs for these source xml elements, if condition checks all these and overwrites null in the output profile element. Can you please suggesst what's the best way to achieve this? I have tried Identifier instance and qualifiers and nothing works as many of these elements are not under the same parent element so I can use only identifier for either child elements or parent element. Here is an example of my issue. 


Source has 3 fields which gives 4 different output for one single call and I need only one output from that. But when the other 3 condition are not met, it overwrites null. 


Source element 1 values : X, Y, Z                                       Target Element value needed: X

Source element 2 values: A,B,C                                         Target Element value needed: B

Source element3 values: 2018,2017,2016                         Target Element value needed: 2016      


Any help would be appreciated.