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Can anyone please help me in achieving the below scenario for the Run number?

Question asked by sanjiv-kumar.gupta408234 on Jun 29, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 29, 2018 by brianbrinley

My Client is having a requirement for the file name as below: The Run number start with R01 (initial run of the day), then will increment per number of execution for the same day. Then It has to reset to R01 again on the next day and should increment



Today 2018-06-28:


D20180628_R01_O001.txt – Initial Run

D20180628_R02_O001.txt – Additional / Correction Run 2

D20180628_R03_O001.txt – Additional / Correction Run 2

D20180628_R<n..99>_O001.txt – Additional / Correction Run<99th>


Then the next day 2018-06-29, run number will reset every new execution day


D20180629_R01_O001.txt – Initial Run

D20180629_R02_O001.txt – Additional / Correction Run 2

D20180629_R03_O001.txt – Additional / Correction Run 2

D20180629_R<n..99>_O001.txt – Additional / Correction Run<99th>