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how to fetch records from document cache which has duplicates

Question asked by gopinath.elangovan199316 on Jul 4, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 11, 2018 by gopinath.elangovan199316

Hi Everyone: 

1st branch :

Data I have added to Document cache using Ultiprocode field as index : 


"Ultipro Code","Internal ID from NS","Netsuite Account / Description"
"PHD.401FE","2096","401k Payable"
"PHT.CASDIEE","613","Cash - US - Wells Fargo EVC Centralized Payroll - USD - 5421"
"PHT.CASDIEE","609","Cash - US - Wells Fargo EVC Corporate - USD - 5389"
"PHT.CASIT","609","Cash - US - Wells Fargo EVC Corporate - USD - 5389"


3rd branch i have one more more process: 

map inside that process has some other source profile with field as Ultiprocode as well. even it will have duplicates.

i have loaded data from document cache in that map using the index Ultipro code , coz only that field i have as common in both source profile & cache profile.


while passing ultipro code and fetching its respective internal id:  i get data for ultipro code  : "PHD.401FE" but not  for codes "PHT.CASDIEE", "PHT.CASIT" . please help me out with best solution i want data to be fetched as follows: eg:   "PHD.401FE" if i have this code as twice in source profile and once in document cache , in target i want twice it twice replaced with the internal id "2096" . same for all.##