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MariaDB Database Connection Error

Question asked by jvwilbur on Jul 6, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 6, 2018 by jvwilbur

I have two questions that may or may not be related.


First off, I have whitelisted boomi IPs for the Clone connection I'm testing against. I have added the appropriate .jar file in a custom library (mariadb-java-client-2.2.5.jar). I have even tested on a local atom with no difference in results. The connection I have set up is as follows:

Driver Type: Custom

Use Name: myusername

Password: ***

Class Name org.mariadb.jdbc.Driver

Connection URL jdbc:mariadb://


I haven't messed with any other settings, and the "Test Connection" runs successfully.


In my Database Operation, I've not messed with any advanced settings and have tried testing against two different profiles: a stored procedure, and a basic Import Wizard select statement against a table with less than 1000 rows. The Import Wizard allows me to search with schema and table filters, and shows me the appropriate columns in the table. However, when I try to use the Import Wizard to find the Stored Procedure it shows this error:

That is my first question, what does this error mean? How can I resolve it? The stored procedure works fine in my Clone, and I've even tried appending the schema name to every table joined in the Stored Procedure, and on the Stored Procedure name itself.


In any case, I then attach the Database Connection and Operation in a Get action.

Then I Test the Process and receive this error (again, I've tested this on the cloud Atom with a custom library, and on a local atom with the jar file in the lib folder):


Any and all help and comments are greatly appreciated. Thank you!