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Can someone point in the direction of a resource ?

Question asked by noelblakley on Jul 7, 2018
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So I have been a fan of MantisBT for a while now, and we want to integrate the bugtracker with our game development engine so that we can allow players to submit bugs directly from inside the game.
I read about the SOAP Api, but
1. The documentation is confusing
2. There are little or no tutorials regarding the use

Calling a SOAP service is a little difficult from inside the engine, and while I could write a native plugin (using C#), that would mean I would have to re write the plugin on Objective C and Java when I move to a different platform. And this is under the assumption that I can actually get it working. So my questions turns into...

Can someone point in the direction of a resource that I can use to learn how to use the MantisBT api?


Please help.


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Thank you