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Deployments to Local Atom Folders:  Components and Processes

Question asked by on Jul 6, 2018
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In the ever thickening plot of what has gone wrong with my process routes, this morning I noticed the Process's XML definition file is only updated in the "Processes" folder, not the "Components" Folder, after deployments are complete.  Processes has version 43, Components has version 42.  


At what point does a process deployment update the process definition in the Components folder?  


The reason is, the wheels fell off many of our processes after a refactoring overhaul.  We switched from Process Calls to Process Routes, regression tested, everything checked out.  We... I...  have 188 process route shapes used inside 100+ processes.  During user testing, we determined we needed to add display name labels to all the shapes / subprocess shapes, so that the logging is more descriptive.  This included adding display names to ReturnDocument shapes.  Little did we... I... realize that changing the display name of Return Document shapes would break every process route shape referencing it.  


There is no mechanism to automatically update the dependent Process Route components.

There is no way to automatically update Process Route shapes within each of our processes.

There is no way to see the "Show Where Used" details on a Process Route component - it does not work.


I have written a simple .exe which scans a local atom's process/processRoute XML definitions and store the mappings in a csv file.  A boomi process runs the exe, then reads the CSV data into a database.  Every time I think I've got it nailed, something jumps up and bites me.  



I am in process route hell... I've got this here Klondike bar for anyone who can help me get a lid back on these process routes.  I do NOT want to have to go back to process calls, Lord have mercy.


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