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Can we prioritize which data record to keep while removing duplicate data records from 2 flat files?

Question asked by abanotra075558 on Jul 6, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 26, 2018 by tylermotiv

Hello Everyone,


I have two groups from where I am fetching records (Say group Employee and Faculty) and generating 2 flat files from these groups. Finally, I am merging my 2 flat files into a single data file using the cache as shown in the screenshot below. It is very much possible that we can have duplicate records in that merged file because a faculty can act as an Employee too.


Now while removing the duplicate entries I want to keep the record from employee group and want to delete the one from faculty group. Is there any way to achieve this kind of scenario where we can prioritize which data record to keep out of 2 groups or 2 flat files after they are merged together?



Any help or suggestion is greatly appreciated.


Thanks in advance,

Arun Banotra