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Marketo Rest Connector paging issue in Test cloud atoms

Question asked by arqk865338 on Jul 9, 2018
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     We have done Marketo to Wave Integration using Dell Boomi and run in production successfully. We have deployed the process to Prod cloud atom. In this process we are fetching Marketo Lead and Activity records and sending to wave analytics.We have used Marketo Rest connector for fetching Lead object. Earlier we have deployed the process to Test Cloud Atom for testing purpose and was working fine. Since Lastweek I tried to run the process in Test cloud atom,Marketo rest connector for Lead object returns only 300 records always  and paging was not working.  Actually Marketo rest connector does the pagination internally.I am experiencing this issue in Test cloud since last week only before that I never faced.At the same time scheduled process in prod cloud was executed successfully and Marketo rest connector returns all Lead Records corresponding to Input ListIDs. Herewith I have attached the process logs of two different dates which have taken from Test cloud .Does any one experiencing the same issues and have any solution please share to me.


Note :

            Test and prod cloud is pointing same Marketo Credentials and same Listids are passed as parameter.