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How to ensure a persistent process property is consistent between process calls?

Question asked by roelofjan.bouwknegt821144 on Jul 10, 2018
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How to ensure a persistent DynamicProcessProperty is consistent between process calls?



Persistent DynamicProcessProperties are inconsistent between process calls in a Privat Atom Cloud environment (with 4 nodes and shared storage).


Wrong behaviour:

When calling a process that responds the value of a persistent DynamicProcessProperty BufferCounter I get different values between several api rest calls



For the implementation of QualityOfService pattern 'Exactly Once In Order' I'm working with multiple Boomi Message Queues per scenario: 1. QueueBuffer, 2. QueueOut and 3. QueueError. Because I can't see how many messages I have in a queue from a process I am using persistent DynamicProcessProperties for the 3 queues: 1. dpp_CounterQueueBuffer (0,n), 2. dpp_CounterQueueOut (0,1) and 3. dpp_CounterQueueError (0,1). 


According to the Boomi documentation, Persistent DynamicProcessProperties are stored in shared storage


Your help is highly appreciated.


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