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Call Boomi API via connector with no filter

Question asked by ashley.betts334011 on Jul 9, 2018
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Hi All,

     I'm trying to get a complete list of roles within our account using the Boomi API connector. If I attempt the query without any query filter expression set on the operation (i.e. create query operation and just save) it complains about an invalid QueryConfig request. I even tried to send an message with an empty QueryConfig structure (in line with the structure mentioned in the doco for Role) but this makes no difference. My original preference was to query with a LIKE on name but as this was unsupported I then attempted to retrieve everything and process the filter myself. Unfortunately it appears I may not be able to get a list of all roles via the platform API.


Have I missed something or is there an alternative method I can use? I'd prefer not to use Http Client connector as this another licence and additional configuration.