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Process Execution - Initialization step taking longer to execute

Question asked by charan.kanuganti295297 on Jul 10, 2018

Dear All,

I've identified a strange issue with any process execution(on Boomi Atom Cloud) starting at 0th, 15th 30th and 45th minute is unusually taking longer, sometimes more than a minute. Check the following screenshot with the execution time start and the initialization steps highlighted. 



If you can see, it took more than a minute and thereby affecting the overall process execution duration. This is affecting both scheduled and listener processes. 


Just wanted to know if this happens to any of your processes deployed to Boomi Atom Cloud. I've raised a case with Boomi support team, but strangely was asked not to have processes scheduled at the following intervals of any hour. 


00 - 05
15 - 20
30 - 35
45 - 50


This cannot be avoided especially if it is a business requirement and more so for the listener process executions where you cannot control when a request arrives at the shared web server.