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Workday Integrations Data Security

Question asked by gautham86 on Jul 11, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 12, 2018 by dcollins724067

Hello Everyone,


We are working on a POC to implement Workday Integrations and one of the concerns raised was data security. Can anyone who implemented Workday integrations through Boomi help us answer these questions. 


  1. Can Workday support event driven architecture? We'd like to just get the updates when an event happens. Today we get a full extract of our employee information periodically. 
  2. For Outbound Integrations from Workday, how do we make sure some of the elements are secured (encrypted). I understand we can apply PGP encryption through Boomi but thats possible after invoking Boomi API. Can Workday  encrypt few fields in the payload and invoke REST\SOAP APIs? How can this be handled. 
  3. If Workday cannot encrypt few  fields and if we decide to apply encryption through Boomi, what are our risks of exposing the raw data to those who have access (Many of our team members can access production logs, view production data). How can this be handled. Can we create a Boomi user role that can access data at the integration process level. 
  4. Data Security is a big concern for us before we take up Workday Integrations. Please share any additional ideas that can help us 


Thanks in advance.