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Load to Cache not loading data from Add to cache component.

Question asked by abanotra075558 on Jul 18, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 25, 2018 by abanotra075558

Greetings Boomi Community,


Background info about the process-  

 In our Identity and Access Management system, we have different groups of people like student, staff, employee etc and each group has some specific privileges over other groups like employee group has more access privileges to different websites and servers in comparison to the student group. Being said that, suppose a person is in student as well as employee group I want to keep the data from employee group instead of student group because of more access privileges and that's why I want to build a Boomi process where I can control which data record to keep in the merged data file in case we have duplicate records in 2 flat files.


Current Status -  I am able to feed the data into 2 Add to cache component but while adding data records into the load to cache component I am getting a file with 0 records. Please find the screenshots attached for better insight.



The configuration of the Load to cache component is given below.


Any suggestion or help is greatly appreciated.


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