Microsoft Dynamics 365 Online CRM Connector - REST vs. SOAP

Discussion created by vick.soulios on Jul 16, 2018
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Hi guys,


This is my first post on the forum. I got my Boomi Certification (Associate Developer/Integration Developer I) back in May, this year, and was hoping you could help me with a little hurdle I've come across.


We've just started an ESB project at my place of work, where we're migrating Scribe functionality over to Boomi. E.g. A scribe DTS file, that uses a Scribe Web Services Adapter to connect to Dynamics 365 Online, will copy data into an on-prem SQL Server database table. We're taking that Scribe functionality and attempting to replicate it in Boomi. The Scribe DTS file is then decommissioned.


We've come across some interesting challenges with the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Connector and XML Profiles, though. From what I can tell, the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Connector is using the ActivityPointer REST endpoint to retrieve info about an Activity. However, when we create the XML Profile for the CRM operation, in Boomi, we only get the fields outlined in the Microsoft Docs ActivityPointer EntityType page.


Scribe seems to be accessing discovery.svc in Dynamics 365 Online and is returning more Activity fields, like ActivityTypeCode and ActivityTypeCodeName, for example. Another example would be DeliveryPriorityCode and DeliveryPriorityCodeName in Scribe, but only DeliveryPriorityCode in Boomi. Community and CommunityName in Scribe vs. Community in Boomi is another example.


I'm also aware that there are there are SOAP endpoints out there in Dynamics 365 Online - like Organisation.svc service - but I haven't had much luck with setting up a Boomi "Web Services SOAP Client" or OData Connector to a Dynamics 365 SOAP Service.


A couple of questions that I was hoping you could kindly help me with:


  1. Is there a way in Boomi to dynamically retrieve the Dynamics 365 Online Global Option set (GOs) metadata values (maybe via OData and Dynamics 365 Online Organisation.svc?), or has it become common practice to store these static values in database lookup tables instead, when working with Boomi, Dynamics 365 Online and Boomi maps?
    1. Please correct me if I'm wrong, but it seems that the GOs metadata values (fun with enums ) are used in conjunction with Web API EntityTypes, like ActivityPointer, ActivityParty, etc?
  2. Is it possible to retrieve Dynamics 365 Online StringMap data, via the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Connector / Operation?


Any help/insight would be greatly appreciated.


Thanks very much and kind regards,