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Can we loop thorough the Dynamic Document Property or Dynamic Process Property?

Question asked by madhuchandra.ambalipura481259 on Jul 17, 2018

Hi ,


I have the flat file as source, in that one field will have the inputs like 100,101,102,ALL . if the input is 'ALL' i have to map all the ID's like 100,101,102 in place of ALL.


I am thinking how to pass all these ID's and map it to the single. Please suggest.


My Approaches :


1. used dynamic document property to store the profile element>>Id , and then use decision shape to check whether DDP is not equal to 'ALL' and I can able to save these  ID's into another DDP again.

>> The problem here is while mapping i am unable to loop through the DDP, only the last ID in the list is getting mapped.


2. Used Document Cache to save those ID's and tried to get it in document cache look up. but failed.


Please suggest any alternate ways or any modifications needed. Logic behind everything here is placing all the ID's into single list ,iterate though it to map to the single filed in the destination(Flat File).


Please find the images for your reference: 

Note that the below image is mnt format.

Thanks in Advance.