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Mapped Business Rules out Messages to a Flat File but not getting the flat file profile elements in message.

Question asked by vijayramaraju.kurapati592559 on Jul 18, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 24, 2018 by vijayramaraju.kurapati592559

Hi All,


I have Mapped Business Rules out Messages (along with few other elements in source profile) to a Flat File and  sending an email with the help of message shape. I'm getting the flat file profile elements data in Message shape but the subsequent shape (return documents shape or mail connector etc) is not showing all the data. Its only showing the first record. 


Below are the screenshots:

1. Process


2. Map Shape

3. Source XML data. (Err msgs xml profile data)

4. Err msgs xml profile, business_rule_failure is unbounded as it has multiple messages for the same xml file. 

5. After running the process, data on the message shape is showing correctly with 3 different error messages and other elements which I wanted to print:

6. Whichever shape I put after Message shape like return document shape or Mail connector, its only displaying the first row as below:


I want to get all the rows which it is showing on the Message shape after the process execution by passing destination flat file profile elements as parameters to the message shape.

Thanks for your help in advance!