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HTTP Client Resource Path (replacement variables not working)

Question asked by jimmy.hong880213 on Jul 23, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 24, 2018 by jimmy.hong880213

I'm trying to mimic a call that is working using Postman but not with my Boomi process when I use replacement variables to send to the same URL.


It's only attempting to change 1 field on another system. The weird thing is, when I put the full URL inside just the connector operator in my HTTP client, it will update the 1 field but when I put the base URL and use a replacement variable to send to the same exact URL, it doesn't work. I've checked that it's sending to the same URL using the connection data tab that I think shows the URL it's sending to (they're the exact same)... I've attached some screenshots to illustrate what I'm working with.


The following is where I tested putting the URL path to be the exact object I wanted to update (not using replacement variables to send to the exact object).

Connector has full URL and is successful in updating the other system


The following is what I'm trying to get working:Connector has base / Operator uses Resource Path to send to the proper URL


As you can see, they're both the same URL. The 2nd one is using replacement variables to send to the same URL; everything else is the same. Has anyone run into this issue before? To me, it seems like a Boomi bug... Does anyone know where I can get Boomi support?


Thanks for any help.



This is the implementation that isn't working:

Base URL Only - Uses Replacement variables to get the full path

Operation of the HTTP Client. Accept: application/json. Resource path is up to the object. The systemID is what gets replaced.

Proper Replacement variable substitution


And the following worked. Same Operation outside the empty resource path. The Connection in the HTTP Client shape had the full URL path to an object I wanted to update. All the shapes remain the same between the 2 implementations besides the replacement variable (systemID), the parameter that replaces systemID, and the resource path. The tests show that it's sending to the same URL as well. I've talked to another coworker and he didn't see any differences between the 2 implementations. Hope this helps.

Connection has full URL path.

Empty Resource Path but Connection in the HTTP Client has the full URL so it works

Just showing the HTTP Client is the same as the replacement variable implementation / has no parameters