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Deployment Strategy

Question asked by rakesh.nair578557 on Jul 19, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 20, 2018 by trey.yeager826393

Hello Team 


I think there are several discussion around this topic. But somehow I couldn't find exactly what I was looking. 

As usual I have 4 Envrionments  Dev , TST , ACC and PROD. 




1. Artifacts to be deployed in TEST should come only from DEV. 

2. Artifacts to be deployed in ACC should come only from TEST.

3. Artifacts to be deployed in PROD should come only from ACC



1. Can this be implemented technically or with some governance   (Roles and Authorization)


2. Is the possible for the Deployer Role only to see packages which are available in the Prev Environments only. So that he / she can deploy only from that Enviornment.


Objective : I need to make sure that whatever is tested in the lower region is moved into higher region.