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Apply Customer Payments to Invoices in NetSuite

Question asked by jvwilbur on Jul 20, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 27, 2018 by jvwilbur

I'm working on mapping stored procedures to several NetSuite XML profiles: Customer Payment, Vendor Payment, Credit Memo, and Customer Refund. Before using Boomi I had set up CSV imports through Netsuite. The CSV imports automatically apply the payment in question to a specified Invoice on the customer account. I'm trying to replicate this functionality in Boomi and am having a difficult time getting it to work. I have successfully set "autoApply" to "true", and that has worked to automatically apply payments, but that method uses FIFO methodology and I need to have control over which Invoices receive the payments in question. Here is how the CSV Mapping is set up in NetSuite, it's what I'm trying to replicate.

I assume that the last two items are the 'apply payment' items. I confirmed with a NetSuite rep that Payment is mapped to this field:

Which is part of the Apply sublist on any given Customer Payment page.

I have no idea what field "Customer Payment Invoices : Invoice" is, but I assume it's refNum in the apply sublist. In any case, when I map to any fields in the apply sublist in Boomi I get this error:

Occasionally I'll get a message that when replaceAll is activated, every line needs to be replaced. I've tried nulling certain fields, filling the rest, using internalIds and anything else I can think of, and nothing is working. My data has the ExternalId of the invoice to be applied to, and I know how to use a connector call to retrieve the internalId from NetSuite. Also, I am using the upsert operation.


Has anyone else had this problem before? Does anyone know how to automatically apply new payments to specific invoices through Boomi? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.