How are you using Process Script Components?

Discussion created by trey.yeager826393 on Jul 20, 2018

I am curious how every one is making use of this excellent new feature.

For example, I have a lot of processes that I have deemed "Shared" that look like the following:

This process is then behind a Process Route so that it's deployment can be handled independently from anything calling it. Basically this process is just a wrapper around a bit of Groovy script that I have found to be quite useful. So here is where my question comes into play.

Do we make that script a Process Script Component, or do we leave it as an inline script.


So far I can think of the following Pros and Cons


Pros of Process Script Component

  • Allows me to search for the script in the component explorer. I could title the scripts based on language and version so that I can very easily see what all scripts are still using Groovy 1.5 (i.e. "Get Unique Documents (Groovy 2.4)")


Cons of Process Script Component

  • Since this script is already in a shared process it is not like making it a Process Script Component makes it any more reusable. Therefore it just adds another component to the mix.


So does the community think this is a good use case for Process Script Components?

In general is creating a Process Script Component a good idea for all scripts (even highly custom ones that really shouldn't be shared) just so they are easier to search for?