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Packaged Integration: SuccessFactors Employee Central to ERP Employee Data Replication

Question asked by sanjiv-kumar.gupta408234 on Jul 27, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 30, 2018 by jm477572

Hi All,

My client has already Global EC system and local SAP HCM system for a country up running. The requirement is to have this country's data to be included in EC and then a replication integration should run between EC & SAP HCM.


I am having certain queries with regards to using Integration pack "Packaged Integration: SuccessFactors Employee Central to ERP Employee Data Replication" for replication of data from employee central to SAP HCM. Though I am following the SAP standard document "Replicating Employee Master Data from Employee Central to SAP ERP HCM Using Dell Boomi AtomSphere as the Middleware (Before Q2 2017)" but still not sure with the following points:


1. How to map action & action reasons from EC to SAP HCM. Does it allow to map custom action and action reasons which is already at SAP HCM end. If yes how do we map them.

2. How to map person_id_external of EC to pernr of SAP HCM. I came to know of a view in SAP HCM "PAOCFEC_EEKEYMAP" but not sure how will it have values initially. Do we need to populate this table with all employees in SAP HCM system during conversion?

3. There are many custom fields in SAP HCM end for different infotypes. We are maintaing some of these data in EC. Now the question is how do we map the custom fields in EC and SAP HCM? I got a view PAOCFEC_V_EXTMAP in SAP HCM where in it will allow custom fields from Job info, personal info and compensation info because these are already there in this view. But my requirement is also to replicate some of the custom fields in dependent info to IT00021 and some custom fields from payment info to IT0009.


Please help. Thanks in advance.