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How to remove tag in output XML when Qualifier is used and Null values are passed

Question asked by rohit_tiwari on Jul 26, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 1, 2018 by rohit_tiwari

Hi All,


I have a XML tag with qualifiers, I need to pass values to these based on certain condition say when flag is 'Y' pass value otherwise not.

I do no want to show that field in output xml if passed value is null, but it is shown because i have used qualifiers. See example below and please assist:



in_flag='Y', value=1 else Null -- for qualifier AB

in_flag='N', value=1 else Null -- for qualifier BC

in_flag='A', value=1  -- for both qualifier AB and BC


so when flag is 'Y', i am getting output as below:








i do not want BC to show if value is NULL.


I have checked the condition in a Java script, Please let me know if question is not clear.





Edit: Added target xml profile




Output XML profile