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Multiple DB rows to single XML element

Question asked by aishwarya.jayapal756738 on Jul 26, 2018

Hi All,


I have a scenario where i need to fetch the data from 5 tables using a join,3 columns are common in all the 5 tables. Each table will be having multiple records for one unique key. so i have used some query to fetch the data from all these tables. Now i am getting 8 rows for one unique transaction. All this 8 rows column contains different data but 3 column (unique key) is the same in all 8 rows. Now when i am doing the mapping i need to map this to one transaction tag in the target.


<header info>

<detail info>



header info contains 3 unique column mapped and detail info is mapped with other columns. 


But since im retrieving 8 rows from DB ,it is generating 8 different transaction tags. But i need one transaction with multiple detail info repeated in it. I have set the detail info to unbounded and header info to unique. Still it is not working.