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Decision shape not working as expected !!

Question asked by abanotra075558 on Jul 27, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 1, 2018 by trey.yeager826393

Greetings Boomi Community,


I am working on a simple POC and using decision shape for a simple check. In my BOOMI process I am getting data from 2 groups ('Employee' and 'Affiliate'), In my decision shape, I am using a simple check that if 'userType' attribute is equal to the 'Affiliate' then save all those data records on disk else move them to  the stop shape. 


Unfortunately all my data records are going to the end shape instead of disk, ideally, all the ones in which userType attribute is Affiliate should go to disk and all others should go to the end shape but it is not happening.






Any suggestion or help is greatly appreciated.


Please let me know if any further input required from my end.


Thanks and Regards,

Arun Banotra