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Map JSON array to single EDI document with headers and line items

Question asked by richard_moon Employee on Jul 29, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 29, 2018 by richard_moon

My simple example attempts to map one JSON document that includes two Order objects to one EDI document, but I am getting two EDI documents.  The one EDI document should include a Header for each Order followed by the Line Items that belong to that Order.

What technique will force the mapping to produce just one EDI document?  I am presuming it has something to do with a configuration of the EDI profile.


Source JSON document:





Process Results (two documents instead of one):


EDI Profile:




By the way, I was able to get the desired output by adding a 'Data Process - Combine Documents' but I would like to avoid that.  Also, I developed a version of the process that mapped to a multi-record flat file profile which also worked - but the real world problem is more complicated and I believe it requires the EDI profile.