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How To Resolve Amazon S3 Upload Error "SignatureDoesNotMatch"?

Question asked by jvwilbur on Jul 31, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 8, 2018 by jvwilbur

I am in the process of a Boomi to NetSuite integration, and have come across a very strange error. I have a process that runs a stored procedure from a database and upserts it to NetSuite. After the upsert, I grab the internal ID (or error code) that was generated for each document and recreate the data as a csv with the relevant data added as a column. I then give the flat file an S3 name, base64 encode it, and upload it to Amazon S3. When I test the process with no failed documents, the upload works, but when I test the process with failed documents the upload fails with this error:

For ease of testing, I use the exact same file naming and uploading process for both tests. In reality, there will be a branch for failures to have a unique file name.

Here are some pictures:


Any insight or help with this weird problem would be appreciated. Thanks!