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How to configure XML to Flat File map for output to CSV

Question asked by zz-aarmijo on Aug 1, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 2, 2018 by zz-aarmijo

Hi there,


I am currently looking to write out data from an XML source to a CSV file. I've looked into the other related forum posts, and I seem to have the set up correct, but I am missing a detail somewhere for the mapping profile.


This is my current set up:


  • When I test, the Connection Data from NetSuite is 631.33 KB (accurate), then mapped in XML to FF 2 shape to 0.11 KB (inaccurate). The file file is a 0.11 KB CSV file, consisting of only the headers from the elements from the Flat File profile that I gave the map, because the "Use column headers" box is checked. If that box is not checked, then the final CSV file is 0 KB.
  • Also, in the XML to FF 2 mapping the default profile value is set to "1", and each default element is set to "0". If the default profile file is not set to a value, the mapping gives the "No data produced from map" error.



My question is how do you configure the XML to Flat File map to write out to a CSV file?


Thank you,