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Why does Process Name contain "(Continuation f_0)" from Groovy scripting?

Question asked by katie.e.jones316496 on Aug 3, 2018

When retrieving the Process Name from Groovy script, why is "(Continuation f_0)" added to the Process Name? Does anyone know how to remove it?  We're using the Boomi Process Library proposed script to do this.


* Description: Sets the current Process Name, Execution ID and Atom ID
* as Dynamic Process Properties. Intended for debugging or status purposes.
* Input: None
* Output:

import com.boomi.execution.ExecutionUtil;
import com.boomi.execution.ExecutionManager;

for( int i = 0; i < dataContext.getDataCount(); i++ ) {
InputStream is = dataContext.getStream(i);
Properties props = dataContext.getProperties(i);

dataContext.storeStream(is, props);

// get the process name
def processName = ExecutionManager.getCurrent().getProcessName();

if(ExecutionManager.getCurrent().getParent() != null){
processName = ExecutionManager.getCurrent().getParent().getProcessName();
ExecutionUtil.setDynamicProcessProperty('BOOMI_PROCESS_NAME', processName, false);

// get the execution ID
def executionId = ExecutionManager.getCurrent().getTopLevelExecutionId();
ExecutionUtil.setDynamicProcessProperty('BOOMI_EXECUTION_ID', executionId, false);

// Set the origin Atom ID - information
ExecutionUtil.setDynamicProcessProperty('BOOMI_ATOM_ID', ExecutionUtil.getContainerId(), false);