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Generate XML out of Connection Property files

Question asked by pratik.arora643640 on Jul 31, 2018


Adam Arrowsmith 

 I have a scenario, where in i have a property file which is "sftp pull connection file " and i have a mapping file "which has queue name coming from the property file, Based on the queue name , it has to map source with the corresponding target. Target node value is also maintained in queuelist


Basically :-



Then after doing it for all the combinations of the protocols, For eg. SFTP to FTP, SFTP_SFTP, FTP- AS2 and So on...

It will Create a Output XML on Interface level, Which should have details of Source and Target both.


Solution:- I was Converting these files into comma separated .csv file and then Taking source as just values and mapping it to XML with fields for each file. But it won't work when the sequence of the records will change. Because many config files are there and some are key encrypted and some are password encrypted. So the sequence will change and it can map wrong values.


Can you please suggest me some other way of doing it.


Lemme me know if you need some more details about the scenario.