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What to do when the Processing of large XMLs returns a NoHTTPresponse to the listener even though its processing fine?

Question asked by h.duink040608 on Aug 3, 2018



I’ve come across a problem regarding size of messages.

When I call the process with input data larger then circa 15 MB, the process no longer returns a http response

“Unable to obtain HTTP response from https://... The target server failed to respond.” 


This only occurs when xml-messages above 10 to 15 MB, and most are in that case 20 MB are send. Messages below 10 MB returns the expected acknowledgment. Nevertheless, the connection works fine!, as in, the messages are processed successfully and the process itself does not show any errors. 


I am certain the flaw lies in Boomi after many tests, not in the preceding gateway. Yet, the gateway, or in other cases the requestor of the webservice call, expects a positive http response.


I hope someone has encountered this problem before and can help me towards a solution.


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