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Issues with Odata client connector call

Question asked by sweta.b.patnaik259843 on Aug 7, 2018
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Background on the process: We are using odata client connector call to SAP system and retrieve one value which we will be using to map one target field.


There are 3 SAP systems, client 100,120 and 140. Odata service is available in both clients 100 and 140, While we make connector call, Boomi is defaulting the connection to client 100 even if the SAP Gateway for client 100 is deactivated. Ideally it should go to 140 client ad the data is present there and Odata service is hosted in client 140. However, we are getting unauthorization error and also it is not working for 140 client. 


the function is working only for client 100. Is there any probability that this boomi behaviour is default or there is something wrong configured from my end?


Any leads???