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NetSuite Initializing with referenceList

Question asked by phi on Aug 9, 2018



I am trying to initialize the Vendor Bill for multiple Purchase Order on NetSuite from Boomi. As this document, there is a line said "In NetSuite 2012.2, Initialize includes an argument called referenceList that supports multiple purchase orders to a vendor bill."

However, I received error when trying to initialize Vendor Bill

Unable to execute initialize. Must define either internalId or externalId for reference

Here is my input document (NetSuite Vendor Bill Initialize EXECUTE Request profile)

    <initializeRef type="purchaseOrder" internalId="9407"></initializeRef>
    <initializeRef type="purchaseOrder" internalId="9408"></initializeRef>

Does anyone have experience on this? Please guide me how to build the initialize request profile with referenceList.


Thank you,