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Error in Upsert Action, Error Logging

Question asked by ravin on Aug 11, 2018
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Hi guys,

Need Some Urgent Help

I created a process which does an upsert action, it takes data from Salesforce and upsert into NetSuite. Before mapping the data I've added a Try/catch exception, if the process fails I logged the error to Salesforce record. The problem here is: (1) If I have two documents, one with error and other without any error, both of them doesn't get upserted into Netsuite. (2) If the documents have errors after exception shape the errors which are logged into Salesforce are same. I don't understand what happens here. What must be done to overcome this error?
Questions I have:
1. Are the documents are processed one by one in Boomi Atomsphere?

2. Why are both the documents gone to exception shape when one of it doesn't have any error?

3. Why the error record in Salesforce shows the same error logs when I provided 2 different documents?


Thank you in advance.

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