Inbound Trading Partner resolution

Discussion created by jsipes906549 on Aug 14, 2018

Have you gotten the dreaded :

Process completed with errors. Embedded message: EDI not processed. Sending Partner does not match. Sender ISA Qualifier: ZZ, ISA ID: ISA06HERE, Application Code: APPVALUEHERE.


Looks like this



Here is one thing I found to troubleshoot the issue.

I was trying to have one input file name.

Located in one directory, feed the inbound to my partner process.

The file could contain different partners data, but all if it is invoice data that will be processed by the same map.


I have seen others post in the community with this similar issue.


This particular example it has little to do with the actual ISA values in your data compared to your TP set up. Well it does but doesn’t.


I think what Boomi seems to be doing is taking a file defined on the receiving TP set up (the partners you have listed on your "my partner" trading partner shape) under the Trading Partner List.

If any of these partners are using the same communication method. (disc in my case) and same file naming convention in my case *.edi  it throws the file against the ISA and GS values for possible TP resolution.




The partners above in the Trading Partner list,  when you edit them and go to the communication tab and under the, Communication Method,   Disk, both of my trading partners were set like below:  


Partner I trade with 1


After going in to one TP and changing the file name so something different like below  

The error resided.


Partner I trade with 2


Once the trading partners I trade with were set to different file names, I then could have them both attached to my trading partner, and run a single file and it would only be interrogated for one Trading partner I trade with. Hope this is found helpful.