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How to eliminate duplicates; enforce unique not working

Question asked by hylke.aghina724270 on Aug 9, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 9, 2018 by hylke.aghina724270

Trying to eliminate duplicates in a flat file which is not working:


I retrieve a file from Blob Azure.

The file is being processed into a flat file structure. In this process a few duplicate rows will be made (for example the yellow marked text):

Stukgoed;NL486691VAE;;;;DOCK 08;;13-07-2018;13-07-2018;13-07-2018;09:56:55;09:56:55;00001XX486691002;;;KOLLO;;000014208;00013;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;14



Stukgoed;NL486691VAE;;;;DOCK 08;;13-07-2018;13-07-2018;13-07-2018;09:56:55;09:56:55;00001XX486691001;;;P6190;;000123680;01200;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;14




I tried to map the flat profile to itself with the first three elements marked as enforce unique; however as you can see duplicates still remain.


What am i missing?