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Execution Id of parent process

Question asked by devi.kulandaivelu on Aug 15, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 16, 2018 by jon_brams809399

We have a requirement to develop a BI dashboard for process audit mechanism where we would like to extract the information from Boomi Execution record and store it in our database, which will be used for company audits.



The challenge I face is, I can get the process execution id from the Boomi Execution record, but in case of any error in a subprocess I would like to know the parent process execution id as well (from which the sub-process was triggered). I can see this information in extended execution information dialog in Manage-Process reporting, but I'm not sure how to extract this information.



What I would like to achieve is I will have a audit process scheduled to run every 15 mins, which will extract all the process log data(created/updated in that 15 mins) from the Boomi execution record and load into database.


So is there a way to get the Parent execution id by supplying any process execution id which is not related to current executing process.