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Groovy Script to get XML Node

Question asked by akansha.shukla110469 on Aug 16, 2018

Hi  Adam Arrowsmith Pradeep Nunna


I have a scenario where i need to get the Node name from a XML in first branch of the process and use it as a property in the second branch. 


The challenge is i have a Connection property file and i have converted into xml with attributes. Please see the file below, which has many configuration for different data transfer protocols.






See my process and script to find Value of "Spazio.DestQueue">AAR_PERA.SOP.AAR_ANAPLAN.B2B" for every config. 




Issue is i am not getting the queue value suing this Script. Also i am not getting nay error. Please help with the script.


Thanks ,


Akansha Shukla