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Need support to resolve SHA1 issue

Question asked by on Aug 20, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 21, 2018 by 8509831

Scenario : We conducted a test between Boomi and Target AS2 system (Direction : Boomi to Target AS2 system)

Sent a file from Boomi env to Target AS2 over  SHA256 signed algorithm over synchronous connection.

Please find below the screenshot which shows SHA256 signed algorithm setup at Boomi end.



Problem : 

Now the file which was sent over SHA256 settings from boomi, it was received at Target AS2 over SHA1 algorithm.


We also tested by changing the algorithm settings at boomi end from SHA256 to SHA512 and tried sending a file again to Target AS2. The file was again sent to Target AS2 over SHA1 algorithm.

It seems like boomi is sending file over SHA1 by default.


Could anyone suggest is there any way to change the algorithm settings at Boomi end to support file sending over SHA256 algorithm.