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CSRF token validation failed with SAP Gateway

Question asked by daniel.schlup601649 on Aug 20, 2018

I am trying to execute a PUT (update) operation in Boomi on SAP Gateway. By default I would have used the OData client, but apparently the connector does not support header parameters "yet" (Setting a header using OData Connector).


The work around seems to be to use an HTTP client GET operation to first fetch the x-csrf-token, and in a second step to use an HTTP client PUT operation with the returned x-csrf-token value applied.


I can fetch the x-csrf-token with the GET operation, but I cannot successfully execute the PUT operation. I think that I've tried all possible variations of using the "Response Headers Mapping" or the "Response Headers to Use in Subsequent Requests". I am always getting the "CSRF token validation failed" response.


Btw, the calls work fine using the Advanced Rest Client (ARC), hence I would assume that the issue is not with the SAP Gateway. Would somebody be able to provide me with a working example how this can be achieved or point me in the right direction?


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