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Extensions in sub-processes

Question asked by bbelous371489 on Aug 24, 2018
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I have a use case where I have a process that is a "reusable component".


I would like it to be called by other parent processes. The parent processes would pass on to this generic, reusable process some basic info in the form of dynamic process variables. All the meat and potatoes would be then handled by this generic, reusable sub-process.


Ideally, I would like my extensions (which are mostly target env connection information) be set at the sub-process level. Then, when I run the parent process, it would execute in the context of those extensions. That way, I wouldn't have to create extensions with every new deployment of the parent processes over and over again.


However, what I am noticing is that there is no way to do that. The extensions always have to be set at the parent process level.


Is that understanding correct? Is that the designed behavior? Any work-arounds? Any plans for Boomi to allow what I am trying to do in the future?


Thank you